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Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please speak to an adviser for more information.


If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us 24/7 using the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service or via Textphone on 0345 300 2281. If you're Deaf and a BSL user, you can use the SignVideo service available at

Help & Support

Our Fraud Guarantee

We guarantee to refund your money (including charges and interest that you’ve paid or not received as a result) in the unlikely event that you experience fraud with our Internet Banking service. We will take steps to protect you 24/7, using technology and safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards, but you must also use our online banking services carefully.

Being careful when you use our services includes, for example, that you:

  • Do all that you reasonably can to keep your Security Details (such as online and mobile User ID, password, and memorable information) secure, and you log off after each Internet Banking session.
  • Don’t let anyone else have access to your account or Security Details, or transact using them, even if they share a joint account with you through our Internet Banking services.
  • Tell us, as soon as you can if you think your Security Details have been lost, stolen, damaged or are being misused; or think someone may be accessing your accounts without your authority, or has discovered your Security Details.
  • Carry out regular virus checks on your devices.

If you've been grossly negligent, we will not refund any money taken from your account before you have told us your Security Details have been lost, stolen or could be misused.

We won't give you a refund if you have acted fraudulently.

For further guidance on using our online banking services - see our Internet Banking terms and conditions.